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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 33 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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Round 1 – MCQ+Coding

Students from 4 colleges participated in this round out of which 30 were selected.

This round consisted of 13 aptitude type MCQ questions and 2 coding questions.

Q1 – Given a string in the form of “hh:mm” and ‘a’ seconds. Find the time after a seconds and return a string in the

form ”hh:rr”.

Q2 – Given a string find all substrings of this string which contains only vowels and all vowels at least once.

Those who solved 1 coding and 8 MCQ questions were selected for the next round.

Round 2 – Technical 1

30 students took part in this round and 13 were shortlisted for the next three rounds.

They tested the basic knowledge of each student and questions from the following domains were asked – DSA (Most questions belonged to this subject), OS and DBMS. We not only had to answer these questions orally but also write the code on paper. Some of the good questions which were asked are as follows-

a. Convert a given binary tree to doubly linked list(inorder way) while doing the inorder traversal.

b. Difference between Processes and Threads. How they communicate with each other? Who assigns them tasks? How? How to achieve thread synchronization? Write a code to explain working of Mutexes and Semaphores.

c. One DBMS query question was asked. (Simple subquery question)

d. Basic questions on C++ and Java followed. (Virtual functions,Base/Inherited class pointers pointing to Inherited/Base class objects etc etc )

e. Your project related questions.

f. Any plans for MS? I said No and then he asked me why not?

Round 3 – Group round

In this round all participants were divided into two groups. Both groups had to build a new product, build its prototype using Lego blocks, design its new logo, name of the startup, objectives etc. Both groups were given 20 minutes at the end of which the whole group had to give a presentation. Throughout the presentation the entire team was bombarded with lots of scenarios and questions.

The interviewers looked for communication and leadership skills in each participant in this round.

Round 4 – Technical 2

This was the main technical round.

He asked me the following questions –

A. Design a parking management software. The solution should involve use of data structures, algorithms, OOP related concepts and various error handling techniques(try/catch and backup).

B. Two algorithmic questions. A grid related problem was given and every time I gave a solution he asked me for a new one.

C. One simple DBMS query question.

D. Typical JAVA C++ questions followed.

Round 5 – HR/Professionally fit

Last but not the least was the HR round.

The following questions were asked –

a. Tell me something about yourself which is not there in your resume.

b. Tell me one situation where you had to think out of the box.

c. Have you ever lead a team? What was the size of the team? (Thanks to PISB I scored full marks in this)

d. Then she gave me 2-3 different scenarios wherein I had to choose between boss/friend/company etc.

e. What are my hobbies? Have I contributed to the society non-technically?

f. Why do you want to join Morgan Stanley?

g. What are the bad things about Morgan Stanley? (You can’t say Nothing :P)


Finally 5 students were selected.

After each round they asked me if I had any questions. If you don’t ask any it shows your lack of interest in their company. So if given chance do ask something.

Resume matters a lot. So put ample efforts on making your resume as impressive as possible.

It was a good experience and I look forward to my work in Morgan Stanley.

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