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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 29 (On-Campus)

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Recently Morgan Stanley Visited Our Campus and this is my Interview Experience 

Round 1: 

This round consisted of 15 MCQ (contains both aptitude and technical) and 2 coding questions, aptitude questions are pretty hard so practice is required for solving aptitude questions and technical MCQs are easy which includes data structures and c++ questions(program will be given and we should guess the output). 

Coding Questions: 
Given a number that is odd initially and we can swap any two digits and we can swap only once. 

Now the problem is that we have to find the maximum possible even number that can be formed using the above constraints 

2)Given two arrays one represents elements and another array represents the frequency of elements in the input sequence and now you can remove m items from the given input sequence you have to tell the minimum number of distinct elements that you can be possible after removing m elements 

Both the questions are easy and we are given 1:30hr to solve both MCQ and coding questions. I solved both coding questions. 

Round 2: 

This round basically focuses on problem-solving skills. 

1)Given an array that contains people id’s along with the date which represents people who are logging in for a particular website at that time.Now we have to answer the following questions 
a)Find the number of unique users that logged in to the website till now 
b)Find the number of people who are logged in more than five times 
c)Find the day which has more number of users logged in till now 
and many more like this 
2)In this question I was asked to explain the working of the AVL tree along with the code. (Set 1|Set 2
3)Binary search in Linked list many questions regarding the time complexity and also we have to return the index at which the element is present in the linked list 
4)Few questions regarding my projects 
5)Few Concepts of operating systems like context switch and also regarding paging, Segmentation and few file management questions 
6)Some Concepts of c++ regarding virtual functions and how compiler actually implements it. 
7)And few more questions which I don’t remember know 

Round 3: 

This is a Group activity round we are given with some lego blocks and we have to come up with a idea.In this round they are focusing on Team management skills 

Round 4: 

This is a design round where we have to design a parking lot system the interviewer basically wants us to identify the classes and the interaction between classes.Many questions are asked in this round almost this lasted for one hour and after this the interviewer basically concentrated on c++ concepts and os concepts 
some questions on c++ are 
suppose we are having a class named student 
what is the difference between 
student obj1; and 
student *obj2=new student() and also which one u will prefer and why 
and many more questions regarding memory allocation. 
overall this round lasted for 1:30hr 

Round 5: 

Finally i was able to reach HR round in this round i was asked some basic hr questions 
1)why Morgan Stanley 
2)Why should i hire you 
3)Where do you see yourself after 3 years 
4)What is your long term dream and many more questions like this 


Every round is an elimination round one has to answer well in order to go to further round 

Finally I thank geeksforgeeks for providing the valuable information necessary for the students who want to reach the top level in their respective field. 



Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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