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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | On Campus FTE 2021 Summer

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Morgan Stanley visited VJTI, Mumbai for On-Campus FTE hiring in July 2020

This was my Interview Experience

1. ONLINE TEST (AMCAT) [28 July] [2 hrs]

  • Section 1 Aptitude (20 questions)
    • I was able to solve around 12 – 13 Aptitude questions.
  • Section 2 Debugging (7 questions)
    • I solved 5 debugging questions and my internet went off so wasn’t able to attempt the last 2.
  • Section 3 Coding questions (3 questions)
    • I solved all 3 coding questions within 45 mins.
      • Question 1 In a nutshell the question was to find the fourth point of the parallelogram given the other 3 points and given which points form a diagonal.
      • Question 2 The question was to find max heights for all the nodes, considering them root, constraints were nodes < 1000, So here a simple brute force suffice.
      • Question 3 Given a list of strings group them by the set of chars that appears in them and sort the groups lexicographically and print each group on separate lines.
  • I was shortlisted for next round

2. TECHNICAL ROUND ONE (ZOOM) [31 July] [1 hr]

  • This round was majorly focused on DSA, some C++ and OOPs questions were also asked
  • Question 1 Explain virtual functions and virtual table in C++
  • Question 2 Explain the Diamond Problem in C++ and how to solve it.
    • Follow Up Does Java have a similar problem?
  • Question 3 Difference between References and Pointers and when to use which one.
  • Question 4 This was the Coding question, and I was also asked to code the same live in front of the Interviewer.
    • How can technology help in CoVid 19?
    • So I proposed a solution using people’s contact graph, with the help of which we can find out the list of people that came in contact with the given person within the last x days.
    • I shared my screen and coded the solution on Notepad.
  • I was selected for the next technical round.

3. TECHNICAL ROUND TWO (ZOOM) [31 July] [1.5 hrs]

  • This round was focused on Low-Level design question, 2 DSA questions were also asked
  • Question 1 Given a row-wise sorted binary matrix, find the row with maximum rows
    • I gave three solutions: brute O(n * m), binary search O(n * log m), and efficient O(n + m).
  • Question 2 How to improve search time for in the linked list
    • I gave a couple of solutions that change the structure of the linked list.
    • One of the solutions was to have links at sqrt(n) distance to reduce the complexity to sqrt(n).
  • Question 3 Design chess game program
    • This was the Low-level design question
    • I started with requirement gathering
    • I was also asked to list entities, write classes for them, and write the abstractions for the functionalities of the class.
    • The discussion for this question went on for more than 1 hour.
  • I was selected for the final HR round.

4. HR ROUND (ZOOM) [31 July]

  • This was a standard HR Round
  • No coding questions were asked
  • I did not take an offer from Morgan Stanley because I also received PPO from Microsoft that day and I opted for Microsoft.

All the best for your Interviews.

Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2020
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