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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience (On-Campus 2018)

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MorganStanley came to our college for campus recruitment. The first round was  online test, 7 questions some error correction (whether syntax or logical error), aptitude test and 3 simple codes  . 

1st Round: 

Question of searching most frequent word, a long discussion on heap, map (unordered_map, simple map related to time complexity), collision in hashing, heap sort . 

Operating System questions:diff btw process and thread, why thread is lightweighted and process is heavyweighted, how thread works, how it achieves multitasking, virtual memory related questions. 

unix commands:cut, paste, ps, who with options. 

2nd Round (Technical): 

Long discussion on project.He was giving me conditions to add on my project and was asking me how you will implement that things in dbms and in cpp also. 

Another question was to make a menu, with some items given and combos of all that things with price and how will you search and check price for particular combo in lesser complexity. 

3rd Round (HR Round) : 

Questions like- 

Where you see yourself in next 5 years? 

what is your strength? 

why we should hire you? 

what are your developmental areas? and why? 

About family  and  many more related to me. 


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Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2021
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