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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Senior Associate (2-3 Years Experienced)

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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Got the opportunity through the referral of a friend. They take 1 Hackerrank test and 4 interviews in total. Every round is an elimination round.

Round 1: It was a HackerRank test consisted of 3 Questions and one of them is super easy and two were Medium difficulty.

  1. Convert a given palindromic string such that it becomes non-palindromic.
  2. Count the number of ways to divide N in k groups incrementally.

Round 2: A brief introduction, Java(Immutable classes, Why String is immutable, advantages of String pool in-depth, Garbage Collection eligibility and JMM, HashMap internals, how is HashMap implemented in java, questions on equals and hashcode function override, LinkedList vs ArrayList in-depth, Java pass by value with examples, deep copy and shallow copy difference, final keyword, static final, Comparable and Comparator implementation and use cases, Executor Service implementation and use cases)

Easy DSA Questions:

  1. Check if LL is palindromic or not.
  2. Check two strings are anagrams.
  3. Delete a Node from linked list without head pointer
  4. Print left view of a binary tree.

Round 3:

  1. Started with difference between == and === in JS as its in CV. Then switched to Java only.
  2. Implement a Data Structure with add, remove, and getAll methods having O(1), O(1), and O(no of elements present at a particular time) resp. The DS will store 0 to N – 1 numbers only. The hint is to use a Linear DS. Use Array with a Doubly LL. Make a custom implementation because you can’t use Library functions in this case.
  3. Immutable class applications and advantages
  4. Java 8 features

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