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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus 2020)

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Morgan Stanley recently came to my college to offer internships in 2 different categories – 2 months(for 3rd-year’s) and a 6-month internship (for 4th year’s) for the position of Analyst Intern.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The student must be from either CSE or ISE
  2. CGPA >= 7.5

The first round was an online aptitude and coding round which was conducted on the aspireminds AMCAT platform. A total of around 150+ students applied for the test 

The test had 3 sections with allotted time which means even if you complete some section faster still you don’t get extra time for others.

  1. Aptitude section: This section had 10 questions and 20 mins. The questions were MCQ’s and were of easy/medium level but required some time(at least for me).
  2. Debugging section:  This section had 7 questions and 20 mins. The questions were pretty long and had a code associated with it which contained syntactical and logical errors and the task was to debug the code and make it give the required outputs. All of them were all of the easy difficulty.
  3. Coding section: this section had 3 coding questions that had to be solved within 60 mins.

The questions had actually a long story associated with them but after evaluating the statements properly they were as follows :

  1. similar to this question of sliding window
  2. This question was related to trees and was the question was pretty complex (the solution was not that difficult) and couldn’t find anything related to this.
  3. This was very difficult and I don’t know if anyone from my college solved this.

I was able to solve 2/3 coding questions and around 7-9 aptitude(which I think was correct) and 6 debug questions. There were cutoffs for individual sections.

16 people were shortlisted for the interview rounds (2-month internship) I was one of them.

Technical Interview(60-70 mins): The interview started with the interviewer asking me about the projects I mentioned in my resume. Then he moved on to asking coding question ( very similar to this one but more implementation) I solved this question with an exponential time complexity and was pretty sure that it was an NP-complete problem but the interviewer was not convinced in any aspect and wanted me to solve it in lesser time complexity but I couldn’t, so he modified the question of which they became a subset sum problem( I was able to solve it with DP. Then he asked me about OOPS concepts related to c++ and also some OS questions related to processes and multithreading. These questions were quite easy.

This interview was conducted around 10 am, and I was pretty skeptical about my chances and many of the students got the call around 1-3 pm, so I just went to take a nap a bit disappointed. Then finally at 8 pm, I got a call and the person told me that I had been selected for the second round and it was going to be conducted the next day at 9 am. After this point, I felt very happy and started preparing for the HR + Tech round

HR+Tech Round(40 mins): The interview started with hr questions and asked everything about me and my background and what I felt was my biggest achievement, the difficulties I faced to achieve it, and many more questions. Then the interviewer asked me about projects and why I had used the Technologies that I had used (Tip: please know everything about your project and technologies used including the benefit it provides then the others). Then the interviewer moved on to asking the coding question which was a very easy( greedy problem. Then I was asked about an object-oriented design question to design a snake and ladder game which I think pretty well. The interviewer here was very friendly and supportive and giving hints. At last, the interviewer usually asks if there are any questions for him (Tip: be prepared for this and do not ask any nonsense question as it may not go in your favor).

Finally, all the interviews were over and 4 students were selected for the internship. 3 students from ISE and 1 from CSE (me, fortunately ). 

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Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2020
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