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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for FTE (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2021
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Round 1: First round was in three sections and held at platform Amcat.

Section 1: Debugging 7 easy coding questions in 20 minutes. You just have to change signs, correct logic, remove extra colons and do some incomplete coding. (This was easy if you have enough practice)

Section 2: 10 MCQ in 20 minutes based on Aptitude, Quant. Easy but you should be good in practice with this stuff.

Section 3: 3 Coding Questions in 1 hour. The difficulty was Easy, Easy, Medium. No Debugging was allowed. 

  1. You are given an array of size n and a number k you have to find out the first negative number in every window of size k. Complexity was O(n).
  2. Merge intervals variation problem.
  3. The third question was a DP problem. I don’t remember the statement. The question was quite confusing. But after you understand the statement correctly, the problem was exactly the same as building bridges. Only 2-3 students were able to solve this problem. And I was also the one 😛

After this round 31 was shortlisted for the interview round.

Round 2:  This round was of 45 minutes.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Difference between C++ and Java.
  3. Virtual functions, Garbage collector in detail.
  4. In Linklist find the loop, remove the loop, proof that mathematically Floyd cycle loop finding method.
  5. You are given a Y shape link list. Find the intersection point. A case where the standard answer fails.
  6. Boundary order traversal of a tree. (logic Only)
  7. Process vs Thread.
  8. How will you see threads on windows PC?
  9. Topological Sorting.
  10. Difference between where, having, group by clause.
  11. Normalization Type and its disadvantages.

If you stopped at an answer then the interviewer was skipping that part. I answered all questions correctly and after this round, only 20 were selected for the next round.

Round 3: This round was the System Design round. 

  • This was a tough round because you have to design a real-time system efficiently. I had to design a web portal for the placement process for college. The interviewer was very helpful. He gave his requirements for the portal.
  • First, I created a prototype. Then he started analyzing my prototype, After some cross-questioning, I scaled my prototype. This round was communication-based most of the time. In this round basically, you have to make sure that the client gets what he demanded efficiently. I was able to answer all of his cross-questions. He was totally impressed with my design. Finally, only 9 were called for the HR round.

Round 4: The interviewer was from Management Level (VP or ED). He had all my previous round reports.

  1. Introduce myself. Asked me about my previous rounds.
  2. Then he asked what motivates me to get into software Technology.
  3. Suppose your friend is in another company and you are in this company and you are out of the station and your friend is asking for some help. Then what kind of provisional help you can do or what kind of not answer both.
  4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  5. What are the things that you think you are lacking now and a team leader have?
  6. Tell me a thing where your friends suggest you improve.
  7. Weakness and how you are overcoming them.
  8. Tell me a situation where u feel useless to your friends.

Finally, after a long waiting time only 3 were selected. I was happy that I got an offer:P

Tips: Practice good coding questions. Do hard work. Interview bit, leetcode is more than enough.

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