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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021

Round 1: The first round comprised of 2 Hackerank programs. Test duration: 2 hours.

  1. The first question was exactly the same as this one
  2. Get to the other side in time [ETI]

    You are on an Allen world and being chased by a Monster. Between you and freedom is a grid of squares. Some squares are full of red hot lava that you cannot step on (represented as ‘#’). Other squares are safe to walk on (represented as.).

    Your starting position is in the top-left corner of the dangerous grid. It is guaranteed that the starting position is safe. It is also guaranteed that the bottom-right square is safe. Each square of the grid is connected with its right, left, top, and bottom squares (if those squares exist). It takes 1 second for you to move from a square to its adjacent square. If you can reach the bottom-right corner of the grid within k seconds, you have escaped the monster, return the string ‘Yes’. Otherwise, you failed, so return the string No.

    grid = [..## ### # ] max_time = 5
    It will take the person 5 seconds to 
    reach the bottom right corner. 
    As long as k <= 5. return Yes.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round-1): After successfully submitting both Hackerank questions I got the interview call. Asked me to brief about me and my projects. Then she started asking questions related to the basics of Python.

  1. What are decorators in python? property decorator?
  2. Generators – yield keyword
  3. Context switching – with keyword
  4. Need of Tuple
  5. Static method
  6. super keyword

Then moved to the second part of the interview i.e. Design question. She asked me to provide a suitable data structure and logic to get the values of particular stock throughout the day for a particular timestamp and also written the min and max value of stock for that day.

Round-3 was also technical but I can’t make it in round -2.

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