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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience 2021

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I applied for Morgan Stanley’s summer intern role on their careers page. Firstly, an online test was conducted(90 minutes duration) on Mettl Platform, consisting of  MCQs(Data Structures, C concepts, programming concepts, data interpretation, verbal skills) and 3 coding questions. I was able to do 2 problems and third partial.

Round 1(Online Assessment): OA was conducted(90 minutes duration) on Mettl Platform, consisting of three section

  • First section was Aptitude ( Medium level questions, time is the biggest constraint here.
  • Second section was Debugging (7–8 questions to debug, easy-medium level)

Last section included three coding problems which were

  1. Given a string consisting of opening and closing parenthesis, find the length of the longest valid parenthesis substring.  ( )
  2. Second question was of min heap which was a variation of this problem ( )
  3. Third question was given many points for a graph. How many straight lines could be drawn from them?

Round 2(Technical Interview): It started with the interviewer giving his introduction and asking for mine.

  • Then he asked with which language  I am comfortable with. I said C++ then he asked various oops-related questions which included what is a constructor and I had to write a code for it. Then what was the copy constructor? I had to write code for it also. Difference between deep copy and shallow copy.
  • Then we moved to coding questions and the first one was to print the diameter for the tree. ( )
  • The second question was that I am given two arrays lets say one as A and the second array as B. so I had to sort B according to A. Example- Input:  A: 3,2,6,7 B: 1,2,3,5,6,8  Output:  3,2,6,1,5,8
  • Then he asked questions from the operating system which were: Difference between process, program, and thread. what are deadlocks? Difference between binary semaphore and mutex.

Round 3(Technical + HR): Firstly, the interviewer asked me what do I know about Morgan Stanley and its functioning and provided services in brief. Then a brief description of my projects and various questions related to them. He then asked some HR questions:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why Morgan Stanley?
  • How good are you at coding?
  • Have you ever faced a failure?
  • How will make sure you convert your Internship into a PPO and many more.
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Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2021
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