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Modak Analytics Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2020
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Modak Analytics is founded in 2010 to help clients leverage advanced analytics to further their business goals. It a company that works on Big Data technology. It provides world-class Big Data related analytics services.

I applied through my college. The role offered was Data Engineer. If you’re interested in dealing with data you have to give it a try. There was pre-placement talk for 20 minutes. And the most important thing there was a bond of  2 years.

Round 1:

The initial round was aptitude test of 60 MCQs of 60 minutes. The questions were quite easy and tricky. It covered questions from work and time, mixtures and allegations, logical and some interpretation questions. 50 out of 90 were able to clear the round.

Round 2: 

The next round was Java test which consisted of 30 MCQs of 60 minutes. It covered the basics of java programming, OOPs concepts, exceptions and predicts the output of given code. Many of the questions were theoretical and requires a deep understanding of Java programming. 23 out of 50 cleared this round.

Round 3:

The next round was Technical round. I was initially asked to give a brief introduction of myself. Then he asked some questions on DBMS which covered the topics of joins, transactions, and normal forms with examples. Then he asked me to explain exceptions and multi-threading in Java. He asked to write a code to print unique characters from a given string, I wrote the code using two loops. Then he looked into my projects and asked me to explain it. The interview was quite easy. It took around 25 minutes.

I was told to wait for the next round.

HR Interview:

This was the shortest HR interview I ever went to. She asked if I had got any offer from other companies. As I was selected for 2 companies before I said yes and she asked me why I prefer this company over others. I told her that I was interested in the role offered. She asked about my family details and my education details. She told me to wait for the results.

Finally, I was selected. 8 members were selected in our college.


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