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Mobile Database

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In this article, we will discuss the overview of the mobile databases and will emphasize its features of the mobile database, and then will cover involves parties, and it’s limitations. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Overview :
A Mobile database is a database that can be connected to a mobile computing device over a mobile network (or wireless network). Here the client and the server have wireless connections. In today’s world, mobile computing is growing very rapidly, and it is huge potential in the field of the database. It will be applicable on different-different devices like android based mobile databases, iOS based mobile databases, etc. Common examples of databases are Couch base Lite, Object Box, etc.

Features of Mobile database :
Here, we will discuss the features of the mobile database as follows.

  • A cache is maintained to hold frequent and transactions so that they are not lost due to connection failure.
  • As the use of laptops, mobile and PDAs is increasing to reside in the mobile system.
  • Mobile databases are physically separate from the central database server.
  • Mobile databases resided on mobile devices.
  • Mobile databases are capable of communicating with a central database server or other mobile clients from remote sites.
  • With the help of a mobile database, mobile users must be able to work without a wireless connection due to poor or even non-existent connections (disconnected).
  • A mobile database is used to analyze and manipulate data on mobile devices.

Mobile Database typically involves three parties :

  1. Fixed Hosts –        
    It performs the transactions and data management functions with the help of database servers.
  2. Mobiles Units –     
    These are portable computers that move around a geographical region that includes the cellular network that these units use to communicate to base stations.
  3. Base Stations –     
    These are two-way radios installation in fixed locations, that pass communication with the mobile units to and from the fixed hosts.

Limitations :
Here, we will discuss the limitation of mobile databases as follows.

  • It has Limited wireless bandwidth.
  • In the mobile database, Wireless communication speed.
  • It required Unlimited battery power to access.
  • It is Less secured.
  • It is Hard to make theft-proof.
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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021
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