Mobile Crowd Sensing along with Incentive Mechanism

In this era of digitization smart devices like smart phones, PDAs, TABLET PCs are coming at a very cheap rate, and this is making them accessible to common people. These smart devices have got many sensors in-built which keeps on collecting real-time data from time to time. These collected data can become handy and useful for many purposes. This approach of collecting information from crowd and analyzing the data and using it is called Mobile Crowd Sensing.

Suppose a mobile company wants to take a survey of signal strength across multiple zones or areas. They can just go place to place and measure the strength, but in large scale implementation it might not be an easy approach. So what they can do is start a Incentive Mechanism System based on Mobile Crowd Sensing or MCS.

They can develop a location based game. Interested users, who are interested in these will register their name and participate through playing the game. Incentives may be inform of Cash, Mobile Recharge and e-cash in wallet and etc., depending upon the terms and condition laid down by the company.

Why Incentives are Required ?

  1. Crowd of people who have taken part in these game will need to recharge and charge their smart devices, this means they will have to spend money behind these devices, but at the end if they wont gain anything, then they will not participate in this MCS methodology for which the company planned for.
  2. This will encourage more and more people to participate in this game and the survey will be more accurate and widespread, and the company might get data from the remotest of the places.

There are already many real-time implementation of Mobile Crowd Sensing systems like: Noise Tube, Signal Guru, Sensorly, SmartTrace and etc.

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