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Mobikwik Interview Experience (On Campus)

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There were four rounds, 1 aptitude+coding and 3 technical rounds

Round 1:

The first round comprised of 12 MCQ questions including aptitude, verbal, quant questions and 3 coding questions (Test Duration: 2 hour) :-

Aptitude and verbal was basic and can be easily done within 15-20 min.

Coding Section:

  1. Given a square matrix with values 0 and 1, find if a valid path exist from (0, 0) to (m, m) given m is size of matrix.
  2. Find no. of valid positions(boxes) a king can be in chessboard after n moves. Ans: I used formula (2*n+1)^2
  3. Given a graph of connected and unconnected cities and cost for connecting unconnected cities were provided and we were asked to find minimum cost to connect all cities.

Suggestion: Students were shortlisted who did atleast 2 coding questions apart from aptitude section. Around 14-15 students were shortlisted and i was one of them.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Interviewer asked questions from CV and basic overview of projects. After that he asked two coding problems from trees.

  1. Print path of a valid path from root to leaf whose node’s sum is equal to the given target.
  2. Given a tree node structure with three pointers left, right and adjacent. Right and left pointers were initialized and i was asked to initialize each adjacent pointer of each node without using any extra space. Tree is complete binary tree. Ans: i gave an approach using BFS and then he asked to provide an approach without using BFS, as the tree was complete binary tree, i derived an approach by finding a relation between each sibling, cousin node and then initialized it.

At last he asked if i have any questions for him.

6 students were shortlisted and i was one of them

Round 3: Technical Interview

Interviewer asked puzzles and asked me to code them later.

  1. given a random function which would take a non negative integer say n and would give any one value from 0 to n. i was asked to modify it to generate value from -10 to 10. Ans: rand(20)-10
  2. How to compute 33/5 without using ‘/’, ‘%’ and ‘*’ operator. Ans: I gave an approach using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators.

At last he asked if i have any questions for him.

2 students were shortlisted and i was in the waitlist and asked to wait for further announcement.

Round 4: Technical Interview +HR

Shortlisted students were asked two coding questions

  1. Trapping Rain Water Problem.
  2.  Maximum sum subset of 1’s in matrix.

Those two shortlisted candidates were selected on the spot followed by HR round and rest of us were asked to leave.

Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2018
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