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Mobikwik Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2019

Mobikwik visited the DTU campus on 8th November 2019 for the profile of Software Development Engineer and selected 3 students(2 and 1 It was open for B.Tech(COE/SE/IT/MCE/ECE) and M.Tech(CSE/SWE/ISY).

First-round was of 350 marks out of which objective questions are of 150 marks and a coding round of 200 marks containing 3 coding questions(50+50+100 marks), followed by 3 technical interview rounds and 1 HR round.

In 2 hours, objective questions from DBMS, Data structure, Algorithm, C/C++/JAVA/SQL queries and 3 coding questions of different difficulty levels have to be solved. Two of them were of easy level and the last one was of middle-level coding. These are the following:

Those who got more than 315 marks out of 350 marks got qualified for this round. As I got 325 marks, so they called for the interviews. In this round 10, B.Tech and 3 M.Tech students got qualified.

First Technical Round: It was the theoretical round where the interviewer asked questions from C/C++/Java and DBMS with many SQL queries.

It was a bit difficult round to crack and each time he told me to reduce the complexity of my solution. In this round 6 from B.Tech and 2 M.Tech students were selected for the next round.

Second Technical Round: There was 1 interviewer in the cabin. It was a problem-solving round.

  • Tell me something about yourself. As I proceed and tell them about my projects, he started asking questions from the project.
    Since my project was on the web app and android app, he asked many things related to it.
  • Discussed the internship project which I did at BHEL Haridwar. Then asked what was my role?, How was my performance?, Technologies I learned during the internship and some more questions related to it.
  • Asked linked list, graph, hashing, sorting (merge/quick/counting/bucket sort) basics and then asked questions on how payment in apps work. After that, he checked my knowledge of problem-solving by giving 3 to 4 situations.

In this round 4 from B.Tech and 2 M.Tech students were qualified for the next round.

Third Technical Round: In this round, a ma’am was there who asked me puzzles and questions related to how Google search engine works with Pagerank and hits algorithms.

In this round 2 from B.Tech and 1 M.Tech student were selected for HR round.

HR round: It was a nice experience. They asked me questions about Mobikwik and questions from my CV. Some of the questions are.

  • Tell me something about yourself and your family.
  • Tell me something about Mobikwik and why do you want to choose Mobikwik?
  • Asked Questions about Uber partnership with MobiKwik?/li>
  • Mobikwik acquired to whom?
  • What if you will get a better offer from some other companies like Microsoft, Google, etc?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Finally, 3(2 Btech and 1 Mtech) students were hired. I was one of them. My tips are to stay calm and enjoy the interview. Tell your weakness carefully. Don’t worry to ask questions from the interviewer and always be confident. Take proper use of the time. Focus on designing problems along with data structure. Geeksforgeeks helped me a lot on this journey. Best of luck to all guys who are preparing.

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