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mktime() function in C++ STL

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  • Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2021
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The mktime() is an inbuilt C++ function which converts the local calendar time to the time since epoch and returns the value as an object of type time_t.

Syntax : 

time_t  mktime( struct tm  *time_ptr )

Parameters: The function accepts a mandatory parameter pointer time_ptr that points to a tm object structure that contains a calendar time which is to be converted. 

Return Value: The function returns two type of values as described below: 

  • It returns the time since epoch as an object of type time_t if the parameter passed is a success.
  • It returns -1 on failure.

Below program illustrates the mktime() function: 


// C++ program to demonstrate the
// mktime() function
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
int main()
    time_t tim;
    tm* time_ptr;
    char weekday[7][20] = { "Sunday",
                            "Saturday" };
    // Date
    int year = 2018;
    int month = 6;
    int day = 18;
    time_ptr = localtime(&tim);
    // tm_year is time since 1900
    time_ptr->tm_year = year - 1900;
    // Months calculated since January
    time_ptr->tm_mon = month - 1;
    // Day calculated in the month
    time_ptr->tm_mday = day;
    // time_ptr pointer to be pass
    cout << "The Day on 18th June 2018 was "
         << weekday[time_ptr->tm_wday];
    return 0;


The Day on 18th June 2018 was Monday

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