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Mistakes to avoid to ensure User-Friendly Website

  • Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2020

Web designing is a crucial process. A website should be designed in such a way that it attracts the attention of users, allow them to have access to information, and convert them into loyal customers. This in turn will increase the performance and growth of the business. Websites that are well-designed include a lot of amazing features, looks great, have excellent functionality, and also attract users. But a poorly designed website directly affects user experience and the growth of the business. It will not only make you lose users but also cause a greater loss of money and bring down the business. Therefore, the website should be designed by following some basic rules of user-friendliness. To make user-friendly websites, one needs to avoid some mistakes that can have a greater impact on the long-term success of the business. Some mistakes that one should avoid are given below:

1. Missing Contact Information: Contact Information is very important for any website. It is the best way users can easily contact and reach you and make people trust you. Including contact information should be among the top tasks in designing websites. It does not matter how big your business or the company is, having a website without any contact information is just a waste of resources. The user has many queries and doubts regarding the service and product that you offer. Therefore, providing contact details will make it easier for them to reach out to you and this, in turn, will increase user experience. Therefore, provide different ways for users to get in contact with you and the actual page must include all contact information so that it gets easier for users to find out contact information.  

2. Poor Navigation: Good Navigation is really important for increasing the performance of the website. It not only increases the speed of users’ search but also makes the process smooth and easy. This will improve user experience and encourage them to stay on the homepage as well as allows users to understand and know your websites in a more effective way. Poor navigation has a great impact on users. It simply put them off quickly and people may not continue to explore the websites. People nowadays want to complete each task as soon as possible and do not have any patience. Therefore, it’s important to have good navigation to increase user experience and one should avoid making poor navigation.

3. Poor Design and Layout: Good design and layout are important because it attracts and keeps user focus on your site. It also makes it simple to have easy to find and access information. It also enhances the look of the website and makes it easier to navigate. This will make users more comfortable and want them to again visit your websites and explore more. However, poor design and layout not only frustrate users but also leaves no psychological impression on users. Therefore, it’s important for one to avoid making poor design and layout of the website. In fact, they should try to make it more attractive and effective to increase make it user-friendly.

4. Too many Colors and Fonts: Colors and fonts are very important in web designing as it’s the best way to effectively communicate about your brand message to users. They basically make website elements clearer, attractive, and more effective and influence users in a good way. One can say that both colors and fonts develop emotions in people. But using too many colors and fonts might have a negative impact on users. Users might feel sleepy, makes it difficult to read or scan, affects the mood of the user, influence user behaviors, etc. Therefore, one should avoid making such mistakes and it’s very important to choose the right color and fonts for your website to make it more attractive.

5. Not Mobile Friendly: Mobile-friendly websites are the best way to reach more users. It will not only increase the number of users but also makes sure that all users must have a good and positive experience. Therefore, one should avoid making mistakes of not making mobile-friendly websites. While designing websites, one needs to make them mobile-friendly because nowadays, most people use mobile phones to search the web and if a website does not look good on mobile, then it will have a negative impact on the user.

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