Mindtree interview experience

Round 1: The round 1 contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal. After submitting these three sections the cut off mark was checked and if you have reached your cut off automatically it will be redirected to coding section.

The coding section consists of 2 programs. to get shortlisted from this coding section you have to solve and get an output for at-least 1 question(all the test cases should be passed) otherwise you should get partial outputs for 2 questions.

Round 2: I got selected for next round. Round 2 is technical HR. You can be from any of the domain but you should have knowledge in programming languages. The interviewer asked me to tell about myself . Then he started me to ask questions in C and C++ languages. The OOPS concepts are the most important one. I don’t have much Knowledge in oops concepts and so I was rejected.

Round 3: I didn’t attend round 3. but some of my friends told that it is like a general HR.

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