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Mindtree Interview Experience (Virtual)
  • Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2021

I was attending Mindtree Virtual Technical II Interview on 29-March-2021 at 2:30 pm and there was a technical issue and the interview got disconnected mid-session.

At the interviewer’s end, the message “Reconnecting” was appearing and then the interview was disconnected.

I tried to connect again multiple times but every time the message was coming “Waiting for the interviewer to join” and the interview session didn’t start again.

The most ridiculous thing was that there was too much noise at interviewer’s  ends and she was not serious while taking interview .she even didn’t have proper internet connection.ok it’s fine if she doesn’t have proper internet but she could atleast tell her company and given  it to another interviewer.

Not even a single contact of interviewer was provided so in any case of issue , we can continue with telephonic interview.

I was feeling very sad and disappointed .i didn’t expected this from mindtree.these people are not doing fair selection.On what basis they rejected me if i didn’t even get chance to complete my interview .Before it got disconnected she only asked three very easy question and i answered them all.i only want to say that we people are working hard for getting jobs and because of some unresponsible and rude interviewer we are suffering.

The interview started with introduction,for which she didn’t even listened my complete answer which was not even more than 1 min and started to ask another question.

First question she asked was like in which language i am proficient in?

I said Java.then she asked about object.

Second ques was give real life example of stack .

Third and last question was one programming ques based on operation of increment operator ,for which i had to give output,which was too easy

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