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Mindtree Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2021

Mindtree visited my college on-campus at the start of December month. They conducted three rounds to hire candidates for the software engineer role. The entire interview process was done virtually.

Round 1: The first round consisted of aptitude and coding questions. They asked two coding questions and a choice was given to solve at least one. But I managed to solve both the questions and passed all the test cases using java as both the questions are very easy for me. 

There were 20 aptitude questions and most questions were asked from numbers, time and work, time and distance, and other general aptitude topics. Then there were 15 reasoning questions and 10 verbal questions. All these questions are easy but a little tricky for me.

Round 2: Second round was the technical interview round and the round took place one week after the first round for shortlisted candidates. The interviewer first asked about the programming languages I am proficient in and asked me to explain the concepts of OOPS as I am proficient in java. Then he asked about the binary search tree and I said that I don’t know about it. Then he asked me to explain the merge sort algorithm and I managed to explain it in java using the screen they shared with me.

Round 3: One hour later, Mindtree campus team contacted me and asked me to get ready for the HR round. I joined the HR round and HR asked me to tell him about myself. He then asked me about my teamwork experience during my college days. Then he asked me about my project. I managed to explain my mini-project slightly. He asked me about my hobbies and I told him about my hobbies. Finally, he asked whether there are any questions I want to ask him. No question arose from my mind at that time, so I said no questions. The HR interview ended then.

Two days later, my college shared an Excel sheet containing the list of students selected for Mindtree and I was one of them. One week later, Mindtree sent me an offer letter through the mail. 

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