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Mindtree Interview Experience | On-Campus Drive

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It was an On-campus drive. There were a total of 3 rounds in the selection process.

Round 1: Round 1 is a written test. A written test was conducted on the Amcat Portal. There were a total of 4 Sections Aptitude, Logical, English, and the Coding Section. One can reach the coding section when he/she clears the Aptitude, Reasoning & English section. The coding section consists of 2 programming questions. The level of written test is moderate. You’ve to perform well in all those three sections then only you can reach up to the last section which is the coding section.

Round 2: I was selected for the 2nd round. This round was a technical round. The level of this round was also moderate. They asked questions to me from the Projects, C, DBMS, and SQL, two programming questions, and some branch-related questions. Questions are listed below which they had asked:-

Q1) Tell me about yourself.

Q2) What does deadlock mean?

Q3) Tell me about one deadlock algorithm.

Q4) What is subnet?

Q5) Tell me about your projects.

Q6) Write a program to convert the lower character into upper character and upper character into lower character without                      using inbuilt functions.

Q7) Write a program to write all prime numbers in the given range.

Q8) What is a foreign key?

Q9) What is joins?

Q10) Explain all the types of joins.

Q11) Do you want to ask any question from me?

After all these questions he becomes very much impressed with me because I had answered all the questions very clearly. The result was declared after 30 minutes, and I was got selected for the next round.

Round 3: This round was HR round and it was also the last round. This was a general round but they are also looking for good communication skills. The level of this round is moderate. They asked questions like:- 

Q1) Tell me about yourself.

Q2) They have asked one puzzle to me.

Q3) Tell me something interesting about you.

Q4) Do you have an offer letter from any other company and what was the package?

Q5) Why do you want to join Mindtree?

Q6) Are you willing to work outside the M.P.?

Q7) Do you have any problem with the bond?

The result of the HR round was declared after a week and I got selected for Mindtree.

Anyone can clear these rounds if he/she is preparing well. I just hope everyone reading this article will take help from this and do the preparation and crack it.

All the best.

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Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020
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