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Mindtree Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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The whole recruitment process consisted of three rounds:-

  • Aptitude Round: This round was a bit tough. Many got rejected after this round. (I would recommend indiabix.)
  • Coding Round: This round consisted of 2 dsa questions and the time limit was 1 hour.
  • Technical+HR Interview:
  • The first question was straightforward….we were just required to return the number of negative numbers in an array.
  • I can’t remember the second question.

Heading on to the interview process…

Technical+HR Interview: The interviewer was very helpful. Just stay confident.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell me something about your project.
  • What programming language you are most comfortable in. (I said JAVA)
  • Explain OOPs in JAVA.(I described what is OOPs and explained the pillars of oops in one line….refer to this article.)
  • What is constructor overloading? (read this.)
  • Explain Function overloading and function overriding. (read this.)
  • What are the different types of data structures you know? Explain them. (you’ll see a diagram when you go through this article…just learn it and read through the paper)
  • Explain the difference between ArrayList and list.
  • Do you have any knowledge of python? (I said I know the basics)
  • He asked what is a tuple.
  • What are the different types of data structures in python?
  • What are dictionaries in python?
  • Do you know SQL?
  • What is selected in SQL? Explain it with syntax.
  • What different functions can you use with SELECT?
  • What are the aggregate functions in SQL?
  • Do you have knowledge of javascript?
  • What is async in javascript? Why do you use it?
  • That’s it…any questions for me?
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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2022
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