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Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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Eligibility: Above 6.5 CGPA 

Round 1: It is an online round and it consists of two sections:

Coding: In this round, we were given two coding questions, and we have to solve only one question out of them. The questions were of a basic level, and we are able to do the questions easily. The questions include basic sorting, array manipulation, and string manipulation, and a few data structures. 

Aptitude: It consists of three sections

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal ability 

Each section consists of 15 questions.

Mathematical Ability/Reasoning: It consists of basic to medium level questions on Quantitative Aptitude. Topics include :

  1. Speed Distance Time
  2. Mixtures and allegations
  3. Work and time
  4. Boats and Streams, Trains
  5. LCM, GCD
  6. Profit and Loss
  7. Problems on Ages
  8. Simple interest and Compound Interest, etc 

And other questions are from some miscellaneous topics.

Logical Reasoning:  This section consisted of 15 questions and the level of questions is basic to medium. These mainly consisted of number services, alphabetic series, Statements and conclusions, Syllogisms, Seating arrangements, Blood relations, etc.

Verbal Ability: This section also consists of 15 questions and the level of questions is basic to medium. It mainly consisted of Active Passive voice, Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions, conjunctions, etc, Correction of sentences, para jumbles, Reading comprehensions, synonyms, idioms, etc.

The total time allocated for Round 1 is 75 minutes.

Results were sent to the mail after 2 days and the time and meeting link for Technical Round were sent to the qualified student’s mail. I was qualified for the second round.

Technical Round: The interviewer greeted me and asked where I am from. He is very friendly and made me comfortable.

Then he started with some technical questions on Data structures and Graphs and asked some applications of Graphs and projects done as part of my academics.

Then he told me to open my code editor and share my screen.

He then gave me a Scenario and asked me to code in java.

The scenario is, we have to store the records of students and each record contains Student’s name and his marks in 5 subjects.

Here there is no limit to the number of students and told me to us nested arrays and he told me to display the records at any point the user wants to see.

I coded using ArrayList as it is dynamic in nature and using class. It took nearly 20-25 minutes to code and fix all the edge cases and errors. Then he is satisfied with my approach, and he asked a few questions on SQL Joins.

After this, He said I am done, and Thank you.

The interview went for nearly 30-35 minutes. After 5 minutes I received a mail for my Hr Interview.

HR Round: The interviewer introduced himself and asked me to introduce myself. After the introduction, he asked me about the projects I have done, I explained to him. He asked me apart from the college course structure What Language did I learn on my own and from where did I learn.

Then he asked about Extracurricular activities participated in colleges and school.

Later he asked Do you have any Backlogs? And Do you have PAN Card, and He asked whether I am willing to relocate.

He suggested me not to waste time and learn as much as possible in my B.Tech.

It was a very friendly Conversation.

He greeted All the Best and said Bye.

After 10 days results were out.

VERDICT: Selected

Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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