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Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer C1

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  • Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2022

My TR interview for the Mindtree Software Engineer C1 role was on Feb 28th, 2022 at 9:30 am. Some of the questions asked were:

  • Introduced yourself? ( I thought my next 15 – 20 mins of interview would be on my achievements, but he didn’t ask me a single queue about it and directly jumped to TR questions)
  • What is Datatype? 
  • What are data structures?
  • What did you prepare for the Interview? (I had learned about Python, Data structures, Sorting Methods, Searching Algorithms, OOPS concepts.)
  • Write a program for any Sorting Method. I don’t know programs for Sorting Method but I know different types of Sorting Methods.
  • Explain any Sorting Method? I explained Selection Sorting Method.
  • Write a program to find the number of numbers below 20 which are divisible by 3 and 5?
ans:  count = 0
      for i in range(21):
      if  i %3 == 0 and i%5 == 0:
          count+= 1
  •  What is the “==” sign used for? It is used to check whether two Datatypes are equal or not, if equal it gives a boolean value of True, and if not equal it gives False.
  •  I will give you the input and output you have to say the logic for it
Input:  AkhilReddyAkhilReddyAkhilReddyAkhilReddy
output: Akhil Reddy
        Akhil Reddy
        Akhil Reddy
        Akhil Reddy

And – for this particular type of Input I would use “for loop” and write a program such that if I encounter an “A” I would print it in the next line and if I encounter an “R”  I would give space before it.

( He was satisfied with my answer)

  • Asked a family relationship question from logical reasoning( I cannot recall the question)took some time and answered it. 

If 45 apples are sold at Rs.225 and 55 apples are sold at Rs.250, then what is the loss percent incurred for the 2nd one when compared to the first one? Took some time and answered around 10% loss. (actual and is 9.09% loss) Then he said your Interview is completed, you can quit the meeting.

Verdict: Selected!

Tips: If you are afraid of definitions or theory like me just learn the concept and say it casually, but you have to learn the concept clearly because no one wants to hire a person who has zero knowledge in IT and wants to be settled in IT. They just test your basic knowledge and it doesn’t take much time to learn those concepts, to be honest, I learned all these in just 15 days but I worked hard all those 15 days and it paid me. Just consider the interview as you are talking to a person whom you don’t even know and you will never meet him again, he just wants to ask questions that you know and you just answer them casually as answering a random guy, in that way you don’t feel tensed and your interview goes smooth.

All The Best For Your Interview!!

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