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Mindtree Interview Experience 2021

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  • Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2021

Round 1: Round 1 contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal with 15 questions each, and questions were easy to medium level. 

  • There were 3 sets of coding questions each with 2 coding questions with easy, medium, and hard levels but intermediate knowledge of coding is sufficient to solve all level questions. 
  • From each section, you have to solve only one question(all the test cases should be passed). 
  • The time was 90 minutes. 

Round 2: Round 2 was the technical interview. The interviewer asked me to tell about myself. Followed questions were –  

  1. Have you done any certification and projects
  2. In which domain do you have certification
  3. What did you prepare for an interview
  4. Do you know sorting techniques
  5. Explain to me anyone sorting algorithm
  6. The difference between linear and binary search, tell me their time complexities
  7. Suppose you have 50000 unordered elements which searching algorithm you will use and why
  8. If you have 5 elements which you will use
  9. What is linked list
  10. Difference between array and linked list
  11. How to check if linked list has only one element
  12. What is a binary tree
  13. Difference between BFS, DFS. 
  14. What is a stack, queue 
  15. How to insert an element into the queue
  16. Which DS used to perform recursion and why
  17. Application of stack and queue
  18. What is heap
  19. What is early binding and late binding
  20. Tell me oops concept you are familiar with
  21. What is encapsulation, How we achieve it through programming
  22. What is polymorphism and its type
  23. What is constructor
  24. What is struct
  25. Difference between abstract methods and interface
  26. Can we access data of class without creating instance
  27. What is reference variable and normal variable
  28. Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java 
  29. How to achieve it in java
  30. File handling in CPP
  31. How to handle exceptions
  32. Types of exception, an example of runtime exception
  33. How to handle errors in the program
  34. What is try and catch
  35. Do you have any questions for me?  

Suggestion: If you don’t know the answer say I don’t know And I will learn about it. Don’t give false, wrong answers. It creates a negative impact.

Round 3(HR Interview):

  1. How are you? 
  2. Which is your college? 
  3. Where are you from? 
  4. Is the final sem result is pending?
  5. Do you have any subject in the final sem or just a project? 
  6. Now tell me about yourself? 
  7. What kind of reflective writing you do? (I mentioned this in the intro) 
  8. Tell me about any such writing you did and which was useful to you? 
  9. How was your technical interview? 
  10. Which challenges did you face in that interview? 
  11. Tell me something about your project 
  12. Which you think you contributed the most? 
  13. Tell me about your family? 
  14. Do you have any offers? 
  15. What are they offering? 
  16. How much training period is there? 
  17. Why Mindtree if you already have an offer? 
  18. Will you join us? 
  19. Do you have any questions for me? 
  20. Then he told me about the training period, salary, company, and role.

I was selected.

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