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Mindtree Interview Experience 2021

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Technical Interview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tell me about your final year project
  3. What are the programming languages you know
  4. What are sorting algorithms you know? (merge sort, bubble sort)
  5. Write code for it explain
  6. I want to sort the array according to another array? write code
  7. Explain mergesort
  8. TC of all sorting algorithm (best case)
  9. Find permutations of string ABC, logic 
  10. Print right angle triangle 
  11. About inbuilt functions on string strcmp(), isupper() etc
  12. And some questions, I directly told using the STL function we can do this.
  13. Then he says write with that function using for loop.
  14. One of the logic I am not able to write, I said using this we can find this, In python, it very easy using that function we direct answer.
  15. So cross-question on that.

That’s it  

HR Interview:

  1. Introduction
  2. About project
  3. Basic questions- laptop, pan, backlog, active offers
  4. Why Mindtree
  5. What do you know about mind tree
  6. Why should I hire you
  7. Do you have any active offers 
  8. Explain about training, joining 
  9. Asked one puzzle question :
  10. How to cut a cake in 8 pieces with 3 cuts Although I not able to give the correct solution(At last he gives me hint) but he likes the way I figure out the things and approach to solving this.
  11. I gave a solution, again add some more cases (It were a great conversation)

On day 16 JUN I got selection mail! (too happy)

Thank you so much for reading 

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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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