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Mindtickle Interview Experience | Off campus Internship

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Okay to start with, I am from IIIT Allahabad and  I had applied through one of their LinkedIn openings.It was a resume based shortlisting, I received a mail from the HR, stating that I was shortlisted and she wanted to know the time and date when I am available for the interviews.From here starts a series of interview rounds that took place.

Round 1(Data structure and algorithm round):

This round was completely based on Data structure and algorithm, the sole purpose was to test how good I was at coding.I was asked two questions and was asked to code only one of them, and for other I had to tell the approach how could that question be solved.

Question 1 : Given a distance K, I had to tell the number of minimum steps required to reach K if  the steps could be taken only in steps of powers of 2 like 1, 2, 4, 8, 16……
eg : K = 9, the answer would be 2 (1 + 8 )

My approach as told to the interviewer :  I gave him a solution using number of set bits in the distance K, basically my answer was the number of sets in binary representation of the number.
for example
if K = 9, the binary form will be 1001 so answer will be 2,
if K = 13, the binary form will be 1101 so answer will be 3(8+4+1).
I was not asked to code this.

Question 2: assuming 2-D matrix, where the only possible movement directions are right(i, j+1) and down (i+1, j),
I had to count the number of paths from (0, 0) to (n, m) using atmost K turns,  a turn is defined as change in direction i.e from right to down or down to right.

I came up with a recursive solution for the above question and then I was asked to convert it into a dynamic programming question.I was made to write the question on coderpad and the interviewer had two test cases on which he tested my codes and they passed!!

below is the link to the same question with the solution.

Round 2:

I passed my first round after 2 days of my first round I received a call regarding the second round of my interview process. This round had one coding question and  some of the basic questioning regarding computer networks and Operating System.

Coding question : Given a snake an ladder board in form of a 2-D matrix, where positions of ladder and snakes were given we  had to tell the minimum die rolls to reach from cell 0, 0 to m, n.

I was asked to write a pseudo code for this, I gave him a BFS based approach and he was happy with my solution.
Below is the link to the question:

Some of the other questions that he asked was:
Explaining the roles of different OSI layers.
Difference between UDP and TCP.
What type of protocol is used in gaming?(Answer is UDP)
I found this round much easier than the first round.

Round 3:

It was basically a project based round, where the interviewer basically got an insight on the projects listed on my resume, the projects were on NLP and DBMS, he asked me basic queries and he really liked my NLP project so he asked me about the various challenges that I had faced while doing the project.It was a very brief round and it lasted about 20-25 mins.

Finally after three rounds, I received a call from the HR that I have been selected for summer internship at Mindtickle. All the interviewers were very friendly and I finally worked with the one of the interviewers team during my internship period, and it was a very nice experience.
Thank you.

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Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2019
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