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Mindfire Solutions Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019
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Location: Bhubaneswar

Round 1(coding): They asked Five questions:

  1. Simple cube of a number?5marks
  2. String like str1= “This_is_my_car”  what is the frequency of str2=”is” ?
  3. Time given input- 08:30 AM mirror the time
  4. don’t remember
  5. Given string str1=”AABBABBBSBSABABEABCABCAB” find the no of frequency of str2= “ABC” the str2 should be like AB BC or ABC no matter but 2 letters must be present

Round 2(Technical):

1. Design database and perform join query like tables project, client, employee.

2.sql query like max salary, 2nd max salary, 3rd max salary

3. object-oriented programming in depth

4. About project

Round 3(Technical):

  1. Again data structure and algorithm questions
  2. some coding questions from string
  3. SQL query

Hr: Just about satisfaction and any job you got. Any problem with 9hours ?

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