Mindfire Solutions Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

I applied through campus/college. The company visited our college. There was an online test in the college followed by the interview process at their Noida center.

Round 1: Online coding test + Psychometric test.

The online coding test was of 110 marks.There were 5 questions each having different marks (5+10+20+30+45=110). Questions’ level was from very easy to moderate. Total time allotted to solve these 5 questions was 2 hours.

After that, There was one psychometric test also.This test was of 1 hr. Try to attempt all the questions in this.

Some 14-15 students appeared for the first round and only 5 were through to the next round.

Round 2:After clearing the first round we were called to their Noida center for  the interviews.

This was a technical one.The interviewer asked me about my areas of interest, I said Java and DBMS, so he asked me questions based on Java(mostly on OOPs) and SQL queries . There were a few simple DS questions also like insertion/deletion in LLs etc.The interview went for around 1 hr.                                                                                            There could be questions from your resume and specially projects anytime so be prepared for it.

After this round only 2 students were selected for the next round.

Note:This is the main round and if you crack this, you’ve a very good chance of getting selected.

Round 3: Technical + HR.

Technical: The interviewer was some senior level manager.He asked me some questions based on database design, programming languages(like diff b/w for() and while() ) and one program. The interview lasted for around 20-30 mins. My interview didn’t go well.


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