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Mind Tickle Interview Experience (On-campus) for SDE-1

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Coding Round- There were 3 questions to be solved on hackerrank in 90 minutes:


2.Given an array of integers you have to make all the elements unique by incrementing elements and giving the minimum sum .

For Eg-  2 6 4 3 3 6

Output- 27

Explanation- 2+3+4+5+6+7 = 27

3.Given sum of all subsets of the array find the array.

For Eg-

Sample Input- 1 2 3 4 0 5 6 7

Sample Output- 1 2 4



{} – 0

{1} – 1

{2} – 2

{4} – 4

{1, 2} – 3

{1, 4} – 5

{2, 4} – 6

{1, 2, 4} – 7


I solved first, second  and fourth question and was selected for interviews.

Top 10 students in the rank list were selected for interviews.

Round 1(Technical):

Firstly, he asked about my resume, and said: ” Tell me about yourself “.

Then he asked about my projects, about its database and security(only the basic stuff).

Then he asked a data structures question-

Ques1.-Your are given tupples consisting of players and their scores (like- {Rohit, 8.6}, {Sachin, 9.2} ) and we have to design a data structure which can perform following operations-


1. Add a tupple.

2. Remove a tupple.


3. Given a player’s name return its rank.

4.Given rank return which player has that rank.

Ans-Firstly I gave him an approach using an array and hashing. He told me to optimise further to which I gave an approach with self- balancing BST and Hash Table. He looked satisfied and quickly moved to the next question.

Ques2-You are given a memory pool of size M and you have to implement two functions allocate and deallocate. Allocate function allocates memory to an object of size K(fixed) and returns the base address. Deallocate function takes the base address as input and frees that space. The object size K is fixed.

Ans-There was a long discussion on the optimum solution and in the end I came with a solution with a linked list and hash table. He was satisfied with the answer.

Round 2(Technical):

He started with some logical questions –



Then he asked me to select between DSA, OS, DBMS and computer networks.

I said DSA and he said tell anyone except DSA. I selected OS.

He started with deadlocks, what are deadlocks, what are the necessary conditions for deadlocks, what is bankers algorithm. Then he asked me what is cache, what is LRU cache, implement a LRU cache.

Then he moved to DBMS what is normalisation, denormalisation. What are ACID properties, and explain how each one of them is achieved by RDBMS. Ways to improve query performance.

Then he asked whether I know checksum algorithm to which I replied no. Then he asked whether I know Shannon Fano data compression algorithm to which I again replied no. Then he said that you are given few characters and there probability of occurrence and you have devise an algorithm to code each of the character to binary representation with the minimum bits. I came up with an algorithm similar to huffman encoding. Then he opened the Shannon Fano algorithm’s GFG link in his laptop and asked me to understand the algorithm. Then when I was done he asked me to compare both the algorithms and explain to him which one was better. I took me some time but in the end he was satisfied.

Round 3(Technical + Behavioural):

There were initially a lot of behavioural questions where I am from what are my hobbies which sport do I follow, etc etc.

Then he started off with questions on operating systems, what are processes what are threads, their difference, what is multithreading. Then he asked me to explain him the concept of virtual memory and paging, what is inverted page table, what is TLB, Then he asked a ques which was a slight modification of the 2nd question in first round. Then he asked whether I have idea about the process synchronisation, to which I responded yes and he asked me to write code for reader writer problem. In the end he told me that he was satisfied with my performance. In the end also he asked some behavioural questions, where do I see myself in five years, what are values of my life, etc.


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Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2019
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