Mind-Infotech company interview experience

This company takes a two round of process (Written+Technical).Matter what is your academic means 10, 12, UG and PG (reputed college with percentage).

Round 1: Duration 1 hr

Written part was in two section(total 40 question) 1st section contain aptitude (20 question) and 2nd section contain technical question(20 question).


  • Train problem
  • Time and work
  • Profit and Loss
  •  Time distance
  • Clock problem
  • Filling the Blanks (English problem)


  • More Focus on C and Data Structure(Simple input output problem)
  • some question based on OS, JAVA and C++;

Round 2:

Technical Round:

  • Tell me about your self
  • ask about your academic percentage
  • question on oops concept
  • project(it takes 45min)
  • if the interviewer asked about your, focus on Database part(how many tables used, how to secure the data etc..)

Note: Hi, everyone (I have given approx 32 company interview, my suggestion is first focus on your resume, what you are written and than after focus on what stuf written in resume everything Know about  ).

jokes: I were write about  Hobby i.e yoga in the resume(interviewer ask definition of yoga, face blank what i am saying… Hahaha..).

Finally selected Based on Project and Academic:


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