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Microsoft Telephonic Interviews for Software Engineer (2 year experienced)

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First Round –
1. Explain current project.
2. Mongo DB vs MySQL.
3. Singleton class and its application.
4. Print all pairs with given sum
[Pseudo code]

Second round –
1. Given an integer ‘n’. Return a list of all the possible combinations of balanced paranthesis.
For ex –
Input =3
Output=[‘()()()’, ‘(())()’, ‘((()))’, ‘()(())’, ‘(()())’]

2. Group Anagrams
After I solved both of them he asked questions related to Microservice architecture, Spring Boot, REST API. REST vs SOAP.

Third round –
Design a Parking Lot system.
Requirements –
1. There should multiple levels in the parking space.
2. Different types of spaces available for different types of vehicles.
Ex – Bike, Car, Truck are 3 types of vehicles then there should be a small, medium and large sized parking space to accommodate these.
3. There should be multiple entries and multiple exits. Assume one-one for each level.
4. There should be a way to find out the nearest space available for any vehicle on any floor.
Tasks –
Figure out the entities.
Draw class diagram.
Identify best suitable design patterns and data structures.
Write code for some particular scenarios.
In the end, he asked me a puzzle – ‘ABCD * 4 = DCBA’ find out the 4 digit number.

Fourth round –
1. Why do you want to switch?
2. Explain Agile methodologies.
3. Types of caching.
4. Microservice vs Monolithic architecture.
5. Discussed current project, scalability and security issues.
6. Ownership and role in current project.

Thank you GeeksForGeeks.

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Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2020
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