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Microsoft MSIT Interview Experience | Set 84 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2015
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Online test:

Part 1: Written
Platform: Cocubes
15 MCQs 30 min
2 questions 1 hour
1) Longest Even Length Substring
Given a string of digits. Find the length of longest even length substring
such that the sum of left part = sum of right part. Return 0 if no such substring exists.e.g. given string 1523457. The longest even length substring will be 5234 so output= 4

2) Minimum difference of subarray
Given an array of length n. Divide the array between two subarrays such that diff between sum of each subarray should be minimum. for even n: subarray lengths should b n/2 exact for odd n: subarray lengths should be (n-1)/2 and (n+1)/2 e.g. given array 5,6,11,13,14,25 two subarrays: {5,6,25} and {11,13,14} diff between sums = 2 so output 2.

Part 2: Group Discussion(sort of Group fly)

(Here we discussed code with MS officials for given question 45 min)
Given a timestamp in hh:mm:ss format find whether second hand lies in larger or smaller area formed by hour and minute hands.

Part 3: Interviews

1. Simple questions on algorithms (20 min)
     a. Swap 2 objects of different type without using third object
     b. factorial of very large number (larger than big data)
     c. Generate all permutations for a given string

2. Questions and logical puzzles, anagram finding, given a code correct it using just one operation from replace/delete/add a char.(20 min)

3. View about new technologies, whats your preference IDC or MSIT(15 min)

Overall interviewers were friendly and chill.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks. It helped me a lot in my preparation.

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