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Microsoft Interview | Set 8

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This about my experience of MS interview, which happened last day

Division: Microsoft Bing R&D
Rounds: Total 4 rounds (All face to face)
Location: Hyderabad.

Tech Round 1

  1. Find the middle point of the linked list
  2. Check whether loop exists or not in Linked List
  3. How to calculate the size of the linked list
  4. Given an unsorted array, how to divide them into two equal arrays whose difference of sum is minimum
    -> First I proposed sorting and then distributing them to two buckets. She’s fine with that. However she doesn’t want to sort the array and asked if i can solve in O(n) time

Tech Round 2.

  1. Given an array, rotate the elements of an array within O(n) time and with 0(1) space
    -> This is the worst round for me. Made silly mistake. I felt very bad after coming out. couldn’t get an idea of continuous swapping

Tech Round 3

  1. Given a sorted array, find the pair of elements whose sum can be equal or close to given sum
  2. Given an array [a1b2c3d4] convert to [abcd1234] with 0(1) space and O(n) time

Director Round 4

  1. Given Linked list, write heapify and delete methods.
  2. Given two sorted arrays of any length, find out the median of them if they are sorted into single array.
    –> Lost here. I couldn’t find good solution. I think it’s my bad luck 🙁 If i could have crossed this question, I would have been in MS by now.
  3. Anyways, it’s a nice experience overall. First time I entered into MS campus and first interview with them. Learned lot. Needs to improve and get into that by next time 😉
    They will give little hints and try to use them and make solution out of it.

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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