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Microsoft Interview | Set 11

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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Company – STB team, Microsoft IDC.
Location – Hyderabad.

First interview

  1. A quick introduction.
  2. Few questions on multi-threading like –
    a. What is race condition?
    b. What is critical section?
  3. Write a code to find out longest substring without any repetition of characters with O(n) complexity.
    String - abcdefghaxyzpbn
    Output string - bcdefghaxyzp
  4. Two linked lists are merged at one point. Find the merging node.

Second Interview

  1. A quick introduction
  2. Few project related questions mentioned in resume.
  3. If you have huge log file, you need to print last ‘n’ lines from the log file. Write a code for it assuming regular file read operations.
    He was also expecting that the page hit is minimum.
    I had provided a solution which would read the file one by one and then will store it in a ‘n’ size circular linked list.
  4. If you have a m*n floor, find out a ‘k’ size square tile which will take care of filling the complete floor without breaking of tile.
    Use GCD logic.

Third interview

  1. A quick introduction and he also asked what was asked in previous interviews.
  2. We have a m*n matrix, every element in row is in increasing order and every element in column is in increasing order. Find out a position of element ‘k’ from the matrix with O(m+n) complexity. Write a code for it.
  3. We have a ‘n’ steps and a ball which take either 1 step at a time or 2 steps at a time. Find out the number of possible ways it covers exactly ‘n’ steps.

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