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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 97 (On-Campus for IT Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2019

Round 1

    It was on online coding round hosted on It was a 75 mins round consisting of 3 coding questions only.

  1. given a number n and k. If the k bit in the binary representation of n is 1 then we have to make it 0 and return the new number formed else return n as it is.
  2. given a link list where each node in the link list represents a point in the xy plane, each node has 3 data members int x, int y, and a next pointer. We had to print the number of changes in slope if we start from the beginning and take two adjacents points and repeat it till the end.
  4. students doing 2 or more questions correctly headed towards the next round. From the total of 150 students around 30 of them cleared this round.

Round 2

    it was a group fly round, where 2 questions where given and 30 mins were the allotted time. It was a pen-paper round.

  1. Puzzle 16 | (100 Doors) exact question just there where 500 doors and people instead of 100.
  2. find the length of the biggest palindromic substring present in a string and print the palindromic string.
  3. People doing one question correctly and the other one partially correct were shortlisted for the next round. 8 students were selected after this round.

Round 3-

    it was a technical interview round.
    Firstly the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then asked around 3-4 questions regarding my project. Then one by one the interviewer asked me 3 coding question they were-

  1. given an array of length (n-2) consisting of elements from 1 to n except for 2 elements are missing, find the missing elements.
  2. print all the possible permutations of a string.
  3. given a number, reverse it .
  4. Then the interviewer asked me a few questions on OOPS and even told me to implement them on paper. He then asked me a few questions about OS. Then he asked to subtract 2 numbers without using arithmetic operators and even the ++ and — operators. Then he asked me a puzzle and ended the interview. The interview lasted for around 45 mins.

Round 4– It was the HR round.
HR was a very cool guy. He asked me questions regarding my project. Then a few puzzles. He then asked some theory questions from around everywhere such as DBMS, OS, networking. Surprisingly he did not ask any coding question. He then asked me about my future plans and why I had such a low cgpa(8.31). He then asked me if I had any questions for him, then we had a 10 mins discussion on my question. The interview lasted for around 80 mins.

Finally, 3 people were given an internship at our college. My suggestion is to keep your calm in the whole interview process, even if you don’t answer any one of the questions just don’t panic and try to give your best in the next question.

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