Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 64 (For SDE-2)

First Round (F2F) 1 hour:
Write code for below 2 qns , not exact but concepts are 99% same.

Second Round (F2F) 1.5+ hour(Design round):
Asked me to design a URL shortening site like bitly. After few discussions i gave a soln like below method

Then there was lots of related questions of hashing , what to do to make it scalable, Design the server side.

But i didn’t had any WEB experience so i could not give proper answers for them how ever i tried answering all questions and told them that these are my ideas how ever i don’t ave any web experience so answers may be wrong .

Third Round (F2F) 1.5 hour+(Design round):

Started with what are the things you will consider for scheduling a meeting with say 5 -6 persons .

What are the things you will consider .

Prioritize each of them . Then for each person you have these inputs .

based on that find out best possible time slots for scheduling a meeting .

Also give priority to each of the slots .

Then questions on that .

other questions of why you want to join how u will cope up with the works which are different that the work you are doing .

Fourth Round (F2F) Hiring Manager – 15-20 mins:

Questions on why you want to join how you will work then below question .

I had justify lot of questions on why i want to change the domain after spending considerable amount of time etc,..

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