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Microsoft interview Experience | Set 50

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  • Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018
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R1 Telephonic

  1. Given a large int array, sort it. The ints are in the range 1-10.
  2. In a 2-D array of 0’s and 1’s find the row with max 1’s, given that the array is sorted row wise.

R2 F2F

  1. Find the maximum contiguous sum in an array. Had to write test cases as well.
  2. don’t remember

R3 F2F

  1. On a screen, there are multiple rectangles drawn, when a user clicks on any point, find the smallest rectangle enclosing this point.
  2. Design poke feature in Facebook

R4 F2F

  1. Implement file read operation asyncronously.
  2. there are N large log files in sorted by timestamp. Merge them.
  3. there are N large files containing operations sorted based on name to be done on an address book.
    Address book is stored as name value pair in another file which is sorted based on name. Apply these operations and store in a new address file.
    Had to write code and test cases for this.

R5 F2F (Hiring Manager)

  1. some discussion on foreground and background thread.
  2. What is common in 2 threads of the same process and what is the difference.
  3. how would you communicate between 2 processes.
  4. can we create connection between 2 processes similar to tcp connection.
  5. difference between tcp and udp.
  6. are packets lost in tcp if network is never lost.
  7. create a macro for reversing an int in terms of byte e.g. an int has 4 bytes numbered 1234 the macro should return 4321.
  8. in a 2-D array of chars, if a user selects any 4 boxes, check if these are continuous or not. continuous boxes are those which lie in 3×3 sub array surrounding the box.
  9. design auto complete feature.
    Some other OS questions on threads only.

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