Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 173 (On Campus)

Round 1:

Round 1 was Aptitude Test . It was held on Cocube Platform . There were 3 Code to complete in 90 Minutes .  The eligibility for giving Aptitude was cgpa >7 .The Set of Question was different for everyone .
I got the following 3 codes

1 . Find the first non-repeating character in string . return its index .  (2 Marks )

2 . Evaluate string expression and return result .     I/P = 2+3*5+8     O/P = 25   ( 3 Marks)

input was in the form of string

3. I don’t remember exactly but It was Robot want to reach to the rightmost bottom of array  so minimum amount of energy he required  . A 2×2 matrix was given  containing the energy reguiurd for next move.

It was a DP problem.    ( 5 Marks)

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