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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 162 (For Front End Developer)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2018

I applied through an employee referral. The process took around 2 weeks. I was interviewed at Microsoft (Bangalore) in November 2017.

Mainly they wanted developers for redesigning their product in ReactJs. News

Initially, I got a mail from HR and I replied back stating my availability. Later I had a talk with HR and scheduled for a telephonic interview.

Round 1(Telephonic): 

The interview started with my CV. He asked me about my work and responsibility at my current office. Then started with some questions which I was asked to code in plain javascript.

  1. Reverse String in-place Link
  2. Flattening an array. Ex: Input : [[1, 2, 3], 4, [5, [6, 7]] Output: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]. I gave a recursive solution.
  3. Designing an image carousel. Link

I answered all of them, and then he said that interview is over. And I will be contacted further if selected. (I was surprised since I expected some more questions). Then just after around half an hour, I got a call from the HR, and she said that they want to continue with further rounds, and asked for my availability.

Round 2(Onsite at Bangalore): 

There were around 15 other candidates for this round. They handed us a sheet and asked to write two codes in 1hr.

1. Expression Evaluation. Link

2. Write a code in HTML, CSS, JS to form two list selection. And the user can perform several operations on these like:

                  >> & <<(Move all from List1 A to List B ).

                  > & < (Move only selected items)

Up, Down to select the item

Also an Text Area and Add button below List A, to add rows to the list.

Writing these codes on paper was messy and I never expected this from Microsoft. Anyways around 10 people got selected for the next round.

Round 3(PI): 

I was a bit nervous and the interviewer asked me to calm relax and asked for my experience with javascript. Then she asked me (rather discussed) on how to make a UI design for the snake-ladder problem. We had a discussion after which she asked me to write a code to insert the numbers(1-100) spirally(as in the snake ladder game). I coded it and eventually round 3 was over.

Round 4(PI): 

He went through my CV and asked a question related to ECM(which I have been working on at my office). Then he asked me to write a code for reversing a Linked List. Link . He seemed fine with the code and asked me to wait outside.

I was happy till then. Had a sumptuous lunch at the MS office.But then HR called me up after sometime and said they can’t continue any further.I don’t know the exact reason for the rejection but had a great experience to interview with Microsoft.

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