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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 142 (Pool Campus)

  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2019

Round 1:
Online Round: It was conducted on Around 200 students gave the test. It consists of 3 questions and questons was shuffled for every student no two students get the same set of questions.

  3. given a number n check whether its binary representation is palindrome or not.

Round 2:

Around 15 students were shortlisted for group fly round. In group fly round 2 questions were given and you have to write the code for that question.

1.Given 3 sorted arrays we have to find the minimum absolute difference between the min and max among the 3 elements from the arrays

2. Add 1 to a linked list this is quite easy question.

For group fly round you have to write the most clear and understandable code along with all the testcases that came in our mind along with the time complexity of the code.

After the group fly round 16 students were called for interview and then they

Round 3:

Now the personal interviews starts. Each round was an elimination round.

1st Interview: One question of dp was asked in this round. You have to design the problem and give the various approaches i didnot remember the exact questions.

IInd Interview: In this round first problem was asked to convert a string to an integer(atoi).
Second was to implement queue using single stack and two stack.
Some questions were asked on object oriented programming.
Also some questions like half adder and full adder.(How to draw a circuit diagram) . How to implement a priority queue.
Some os related questions are also asked.

IIIrd Interview: It was technical cum HR interview.

Firstly I have to tell all my previous problem then he gave me the problem similar to coin exchange problem.
Then some questions are asked like Where do you grow? In which field do you want yourself to grow? And finally the Microsoft products you are using like visual studio and then he gave a brief introduction on various fields in the organization.
Finally the interview was over. All the best. Give your best and talk about your as much as you can. In this way you easily brag the offer.

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for preparation.

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