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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 140 (On-Campus For Internship)
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2018

Written Test: 75 minutes online round (Cocubes) in which 3 simple questions were asked. A pool of questions was there and each person will get random questions in each difficulty level. CGPA cutoff was 7. Nearly, 45 people appeared for the test.

  • Given an array of penalties, an array of car numbers and also the date. Output the total fine which will be collected on the given date.(Fine is collected from odd-numbered cars on even dates and vice versa). (2 marks).x
    Car numbers = {2375,7682,2325,2352} 
    penalties = {250,500,350,200}  
    Date = 12 
    Ans = 600

After submitting, more rigours test cases were run. Extra marks are awarded for time and space optimized solutions. 14 people were selected for the next round.

Suggestion: Check each and every edge case and try to avoid O(N2) solutions.

Group fly round: It was a pool interview. Around 50 students were selected from different colleges. Each group was assigned a mentor and consisted of 6-7 members. He asked 3 questions which were very easy.

we have to write the code (complete code) on the paper and the mentor will come to see our approach. The mentors are really helpful and encouraging. They demanded the code with O(N) time and O(1) extra space. 50% of the students are eliminated after this round.

Suggestion: Try to talk to the mentor and discuss your approach with him. Be very fast in this round as everyone will be equally good (Try to complete writing the code first).

Round 1 (Technical – 1h 30min):

 The interviewer was a senior guy in Microsoft. He said he has 19 years of experience. He directly started with a question.

Suggestion: Take your time. Write neat and proper code. Do rough work on another page. Only if you are sure then start writing the code.

Round 2 (Technical – 1h 30min):

The interviewer was very friendly and jovial. He asked me to introduce my self and meanwhile, he was looking at my cv. He said he will ask one question and I should write the code within 5 minutes.

This round was very easy. The interviewer just sees your confidence and approach to the problem. While writing the code, don’t be silent try to talk to the interviewer and tell him your approach.

Round 3 (Technical + HR – 1h 30min):

This was the toughest interview. The interviewer was very strict and smart. He saw my projects and asked me to explain one project on machine learning. I started saying but he intervened and said I will ask you only one question. you can answer it and go.

  • You are given with a string with scrambled characters and the dictionary. Find all possible valid words which can be formed from the given string. I said to use Trie to store the dictionary and perform DFS to search in it. Then he said not to do unnecessary traversals. Then I asked him in what complexity he want. He said the best I can do. Then I told him to hash all the occurrence of the characters in each string in the dictionary. He asked me to prove that the hash function is collision free. I tried for a long time and he said it’s okay.

Since I couldn’t answer, he asked me few more questions on HR. Finally, he was satisfied with my answers and asked me if I had any questions. I asked him some questions about his role and my work in the internship.

Suggestion: Don’t be tensed if you didn’t get an answer. They will just see how you approach the problem and how can you handle the stress. Keep thinking and asking questions and try to interact with your interviewer with a smile on your face. Don’t walk off immediately, ask some questions in return.

The interview experience was really good. Interviewers were so friendly and smart. They will give you hints if you are struck. Geeksforgeeks helped me a lot in preparing for the interview. Almost all the question were already available on GeeksforGeeks.

Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

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