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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 129 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018
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Written Test:

    There were three easy questions.

  1. Complete a function that takes two integer x and y. you have to return x+y if numbers of the digit in (x+y) are equal to x otherwise, return x.
  2. Complete a function that takes a binary string. You have to return the longest size of contiguous substring containing only ‘1’.
  3. Complete a function that takes the root of a tree( implemented as linked list and every node containing an integer) and an integer N. You have to return maximum depth of leaf node, such that sum of elements of the node in the path from the root to the leaf node should equal to N.

Fly Round

    The fly round was about 45 minutes. The student had to write code for 2 problems on paper.

  1. Write a function that takes a sentence. You have to return that sentence having words in reverse order.
    Input: He is not coder.
    output: coder not is He.
  2. Maximum Product Subarray.
    According to my thought, Don’t think to solve the question fast ( It will be better If you are fast.), You can take your time, Write a beautiful code ( clearly understandable to anyone, eg if you are using helping array, then choose the name for this wisely like MinSum[], SmallestInt[],CurAns[]).


1st round:

    The first Interviewer asked me a question, Do you know XML encoding. I said, No sir I never listen about it, I don’t think it was in course ever. Then he describes some thing about it. While listening to the
    description, Don’t be silent try to asking questions regarding your doubt and the other corner test-cases try to be smart ( don’t ask any silly question ). If you feel that question is easy So tell your approaches not the direct solution.
    I don’t remember the whole question but I remember the input-output, that was,
    input: 5 > 4 or 7 4 or 7<9

2nd round:

  1. Write the code for finding numbers of zero in N!.
  2. The question was you have a website of lottery purchase, simultaneously the people buying lottery from your site. You have to choose a candidate randomly with uniform probability. I have to write the code also. Luckily He was impressed by my previous answers so he gave me lots of hints to find out the solution for next question. At last, I found the solution. he told me to code it, I write a code but he did not agree, and
    told me it is not correct, write other, Then finally I write a correct code. Both were happy and satisfied. Then he asked me the 5-6 question of
    Operating system,
  3. The difference between mutex and semaphore,
  4. The difference process and thread
  5. What is the new tab in chrome process or thread
  6. What should you do to share the same resources by more than one process simultaneously ,Luckily he was satisfied by my answer and looked impressed.

HR round:

  1. He asked me about my project, interest. That was very easy interview.

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