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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 119 (For Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2017
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Microsoft visits our campus every year as a part of the intern hiring program in the Day 1 slot. The procedure consists for three major steps-

  • Online Coding Round
  • Written Coding Round
  • Interviews

Now, moving up the ladder in sequential steps-
Note:I am writing just the questions such that you literally visualize yourself into this interview. I will be discussing the answers if there arises a demand for so.

  • 1st Coding Round
  • It was an online coding round with 3 questions and hosted on Just a matter of fact, everyone got a different set of three questions, better run-time and space complexity was awarded higher marks.
    The set of three questions for me was –

    • Given n and m, find the nearest number to n which is divisible by m. If there exist two numbers at same distance, output the greater one.
    • Given an integer n, if the binary representatino of this number is a palindrome, then find the number of ones. You are required to accomplish the task without using any data structure.
    • Given a binary tree, find the length of the smallest path from the root to a leaf node with a given sum, in constant space.

    A lot of students were shortlisted from this round as doing all the three questions wasn’t too tough here.

  • 2nd Coding Round
  • It was an offline written coding round with 2 questions. Do write clean and correct codes, with appropriate names for variables and proper indentation.
    The questions were –

    • Given a string as “Being in an IIT worths a lot”, convert it to “lot a worths IIT an in Being”. Don’t use string library functions.
    • Given an array of integers, find the subsrray with the maximum product.

    35 students were shortlisted from this round. An alert to be ready for surprises – the selection procedure wasn’t transparent enough for you to be confident in getting an entry to the next round. What I mean to say is, many among those who were shortlisted did it Wrong, and many others who did everthing fine weren’t granted an entry.

  • Interviews
  • I went through three rounds of interviews with different persons, with around 2 questions in each round. The third round also had a discussion over my projects.

    The standard ones –

    • Join all nodes at same level in a binary tree. Do this iteratively with constant extra space.
    • Find whether u and v are connected in a directed graph, if yes, print the path.

    A bit interesting than those above-

    • Do the first question of the written coding round without using ANY extra space, in O(length of string).
      It’s intersting just bcoz it’s something different.
    • How would you implement a LRU cache?

Apart from these things, they also considerd the CGPA for the final shortlisting.

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