Microsoft Interview experience | Set 103 (On Campus for IDC)

Microsoft came to our campus to recruit FTEs for MS-IDC. The selection procedure involved a total of 5 rounds, at the end of which 5 candidates were selected.

Round 1 – Online Coding Round
The first round consisted of 3 coding questions on Cocubes with a time limit of 75 minutes. Only the function body had to be coded.

Round 2 – Group fly
This was a written round with 2 questions.

Technical Interview – 3 rounds

My first round was a design round. I was given 3 scenarios.

  • Design a personal assistant like Cortana for your courses.
  • Given the heights and states of all the students in your college, what kind of analysis and grouping will you perform on the available data?
  • Consider a client-router-server network. Clients request for information from the server via the router. Every server has a backup in case it fails. How will you ensure data consistency after using the backup server when the main server fails?

My second round had 2 coding questions

Last Round

The last round had a very simple question. Given a string, report if the string contains all unique characters or not. We were asked to write industry level code and provide test cases as well.

I would like to thank for providing such exceptional placement support. I did all my preparation from the website alone.

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