Microsoft Interview Experience | (SDE-2 for 3 Years Experienced)

I had got a call through Naukri Portal . I got interview invite for a weekend drive.

Round 1
Hacker rank test :
Q1 : Given relationship of child-parent for a tree for all nodes. Find the diameter of that tree.
Q2 :

3 more MCQs in test.

Round: 2
Q1: Given a n-ary tree. Find the longest path (top to down) with consecutive integers in increasing order
Q2: Design a RangeSet class where you can Add, Delete and search in a optimized way

E.g. add 10-20
Delete 13-27
Add – 23-28
Search (3)- output false
Search (22) – output false
Search (24) – output true

Round: 3
Q2: Given a tree find the next right element towards any given element in input (Level order traversal)
Q3: Count all possible distinct sums (top-down) in a binary tree.

Round 4:
Q3: Given 2 trees, check whether Tree A contains Tree B. (Contains mean all nodes and orientation of their children should match)

Round 5:
Q1: Given a string like below, it has words embedded for zero to nine, You need to calculate the sum as per the string

should be equivalent to
output: 87

should be equivalent to

Output : 136

output: 1234

Q2: Design a tiny URL service like

Q3: one puzzle :
Given 1 Box with 2 latches
A and B stay in different states.
A has 2 keys of latch 1
B has 2 keys of latch 2
Now user A has to send a message in a box to User B.
while sending the message A has to make sure that no one on the way reads the message. If A sends the Key along, anyone can open it and check .
How would you make sure that this threat to read the message in between, is removed.

It was a good experience, although i got reject after a few days

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