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Interview was conducted in Bangalore for MS hyd  team. (Experienced, Pool Recruitment )
Round 1
  1. Explain about yourself
  2. Explain hash map in java
  3. Explain the working of different types of locking mechanism
  4. Explain the working of different kinds of locks in database
  5. Explain concurrent hash map in java
    1. Explain how locking is done in concurrent hashmap
  6. Explain the working of garbage collector in java
  7. Merge Sort
    1. Variation of merge sort, there are two sorted arrays a and b. b contains some elements  and some free cells which is equal to length of a. Sort a and b without using extra space
  8. Lowest Common ancestor in a binary tree
  1. Search in a sorted and rotated array
Round 2
  1. Connect nodes at same level
  1. A general puzzle problem
Round 3
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What happens when you type and hit enter
  3. Design a messaging app similar to WhatsApp
  4. What is the most difficult part in implementing a caching algorithm, why?
  5. Explain different types of caching
    1. Which is the best caching method
  6. Most challenging problem faced in your current company, how did you solve it
  7. Implement a hybrid dictionary
Round 4
Solve using parallel programming
  1. Implement garbage collector
  2. Implement grep for a file contains 10000 lines
    1. Variation :: Implement grep for 10000 files containing 10000 lines
  3. What is the difference between process and thread

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