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Microsoft Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2021
Geek Week

Microsoft conducted entire process virtually due to COVID.

Round 1: (Date 29.11.20)

Online test:(90 min)

   CGPA criteria is 7.50 and open for CSE/MnC/EEE/ECE

There were different sets with varied difficulties. Some sets were easy and some were difficult. There are 3 coding questions.

My set consisted of following questions

  1. Longest Common Prefix of all given strings
           Input:{"geeksforgeeks", "geeks", "geek", "geezer"}
           Input:{"apple", "ape", "april"}
  2.  Given an array and a number x. Find minimum length subarray whose sum is x.
          Input:  A={1,2,3,4,5},x=3
          Output: 1
       There are 2 subarrays with sum 3 out of 
       which {3} is the smallest one.So output is 1
  3.   Given an array of strings and a string x. Find no of strings in array which have prefix as x.
          Input: A={"Cisco","Citrix","Cipla"} ,x="Cit"
          Output: 1
         There is only 1 string "Citrix" 
         which contains "Cit" as prefix.

Few more questions which my friends got are

  1. Find LIS in given string of lowercase english letters

Around 40 were shortlisted out of 170 students for interviews. Interviews were scheduled on Dec 1st 2020.

Interview Round 1:  (74 min )

There was only 1 interviewer which is held on MS teams . After a quick introduction of both of us he straightaway gave me a coding question

  1. There are N days. Given the dates and temperatures on all the N days in form of a tuple sorted based on temperature. Find k closest dates to a given temperature from the tuple.

I started solving and explained him a O(n) solution. After he seemed satisfied I told him the optimization involved and told him O(log n) solution using Binary Search.       He asked me of several corner cases and verified code on all of them. Finally he seemed satisfied and he asked me for some questions. I asked him about the work    culture and profile he is currently in.

I was shortlisted for Round 2 within 5 min

 Interview Round 2:  (64 min )

There was only 1 interviewer which is held on MS teams.He asked me the famous problem of LRU Cache in a different way but finally it means the same. I explained    him  all the approaches that I remember and the interviewer is also giving me tips in between when he feels I am stuck.

There is No HR Round.

Finally the official results were declared by our Placement cell after 9 hours  and to my surprise  I was one of the 20 candidates shortlisted for Microsoft SDE.


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