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Microsoft Interview Experience (On-campus internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018

Online round:

It was conducted on Cocubes. It consisted of 3 questions:

  1. 2 marks:Average of ascii characters of string.
  2. 3 marks:Reverse alternate k nodes
  3. 5 marks:Cousin sum in a binary tree.

Other questions were:

  1. Infix evaluation
  2. Given an array of numbers, find the smallest number after n deletions
  3. Next palindrome.

    Of 200 students about 60 were selected for next pen and paper round.We had one ds question detect and remove loop from a linked list and 6 short questions based on C.

    At the end of each round I was asked the question “Do you have any question for me?”.

Round 1:

    First I had to explain my approach, then write the entire code and test cases for each problem.

  1. Reverse a sentence.

    Input:”This is a test”

    Output:”test a is This”

  2. Reverse the sentence preserving whitespaces.

    Input:”This is   a    test”

    Output:”test a   is    This”

  3. Identify whether given nodes of a binary tree are directly connected or not.


    2                true

    5, 4             false

    5, 4, 9          true

Round 2:

  • There are two types of characters one of 1 byte and another of 2 bytes, I had to delete the last character.
  • Design a remote just like  keypad of old phones, and display all corresponding channels in TV.












    And we have to display channels with output as prefix.

    Round 3:

      First I was asked “Tell me about yourself.”

      then “What I wanted to do in life?”

      and 2 coding questions, just logic no implementation.

    1. Popultate right pointer in a binary tree.
    2. Given a file print all the anagrams together.

    Finally, I was selected.It was one of the best moments of my life.

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