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Microsoft Interview Experience | On-Campus for Internship

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Round 1: Online Coding Test

I was in my T.Y. B.Tech. (Sem 5), when Microsoft visited our campus for offering 2 months summer internship.

First Round was online coding test on CoCubes Platform. Difficulty level of questions were easy to medium. 3 Coding questions were to be solved. Questions Were

  1. A Number plate problem where only odd and even number plate vehicles can go out on a weekday. Given numbers of vehicle and schedule of odd/even on weekday, find maximum number of vehicles that can go out on a day.
  2. A problem based on BFS of Graph. Similar to Rotten Oranges Problem.
  3. Given a Singly Linked List, Reverse the linked list in place using O(1) space.

Some Other Questions were

  1. Reverse a Linked List in groups of size K
  2. Some traversal problem based on BST and graph.

Nearly 25 students passed this round.

Round 2: On Paper Coding Round

Groups were formed and each group was assigned a mentor. We were supposed to explain the approach of problems given to our mentor and code on paper. Questions Were :

  1. Check if a given Binary tree is a BST without using extra space.
  2. Finding second maximum element of the array.
  3. Find Depth of BST.

I found inorder traversal of the tree for first problem but no extra space was to be used. I reduced the space complexity to O(1) but time complexity was O(n). I found depth of BST using Recursion.

Nearly 15 students were selected for Face to Face interviews. I was one of them.

Round 3: Face to Face Interview – 1

Questions asked during my interview were :

  1. Write on paper code for Binary Search
  2. Implement a Queue data structure using Stack data structure.
  3. Write a code to heapify a array. It was basically a Heap Data Structure problem but I messed up here.
  4. Asked about Dynamic Programming and a question to find longest palindromic subsequence.
  5. ACID property of DBMS.

Only 5 people cleared this round and I was rejected after this.


Last Updated : 05 May, 2020
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