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Microsoft Interview Experience | Off Campus Internship 2020 Summer

Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2020
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1. ONLINE ROUND [ONE TEST 2019] [90 mins]

  • This round was open to students from all the Institutes across India.
  • This round had 3 coding questions.
  • Coding questions were very straightforward and were mostly implemented based on little logic required.
  • One of the questions was
    • Given a JSON string find the max depth of the string.
    • Example “a:{b:{a:‘z’, b:‘y’}, c:{z:[2,3]}}”.
      • Here the max depth is 3.
  • I was able to solve and submit all 3 questions within 15 or 20 mins.
  • After a month or, so I got a call for Online Interview.


  • This round focused on Data Structures, Algorithms, and Implementation.
  • Only one question was asked in this round.
  • Problem: Implement a DS that supports 3 operations.
    • Insert
    • Delete
    • Get Random Element (Return a uniformly random element from the set of elements)
    • It is guaranteed that the elements are unique.
    • I was asked to implement DS that supports all these operations in O(1) time.
  • After 15 mins or so I was able to come up with an optimal solution and was able to implement the same within 20 mins.
  • After a week I received a mail for Onsite Interview.
  • My Solution.


  • The interview was at Hyderabad.
  • Onsite Interview consisted of 2 Rounds.
  • In my batch, there were 25 students out of which 9 got selected for the Internship.


  • This round was majorly focused on System Design but 2 DSA questions were also asked.
  • Question 1 Given a matrix find a submatrix with the maximum sum.
    • The naive solution takes O(n ^ 4) time.
    • This is a standard DP question and can be solved in O(n ^ 3) time using  2D Kadane Algorithm.
    • I gave both solutions.
  • Question 2 Given a row-wise and column-wise sorted matrix find a given element.
    • The naive solution takes O(n ^ 2) time.
    • Can be solved in O(n * log n) time by applying binary search in every row or column.
    • Can also be solved in O(n) time by starting the search from the top right element.
    • I gave all 3 solutions.
  • Both questions were asked in the first 15 minutes of the interview and the rest of the Interview was focused on System Design.
  • Question 3 Design a Restaurant Management System.

4. ROUND 2 [TECHNICAL + HR] [40 mins]

  • During this round, Interviewer asked related to resume and my projects.
  • Question 1 Tell me about yourself.
  • Question 2 Given two very big numbers (each more than 500 digits), multiply them.
  • Question 3 In one of my Internships I had created a website (along with one friend), So he asked me to explain my entire process of website development from requirement gathering till deployment.
  • Similar questions were asked regarding my other projects.
  • I have done an Internship in my summer vacation of the second year at Samsung R&D Bangalore, So Interviewer asked me whether Samsung offered me an Internship this year and also asked me about my experience there.
  • The Last Question Three Qualities why we should hire you?
  • It is a standard question and I gave the answer that I read online.

I was selected for the Summer 2020 Internship, also received a PPO at the end of my Internship.

All the best for your interviews.

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